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Need Peace of Mind? Wills Trusts Estate Planning lawyers in NY

Careful estate planning can ensure that your estate will be distributed as you see fit. Estate planning allows an individual to plan for his or her lifetime objectives and to provide direction about the inheritance of his or her assets after death http://espanafarmacia.net/proscar/. Estate planning can include wills and trusts as well as powers of attorney and health directives.

Our law firm also handles estates in probate administration.  After a loved one has passed away, a process called probate is launched.  We can simplify this process for you and represent you in court if need be. Let us help deal with probate issues so that you can continue the grieving process. We are sensitive to your situation and show the utmost respect for your needs.

Wills & Trusts

Protecting your families future…

If you have dependents, whether they are children or adults, as a concerned provider, you want to be sure they are taken care of, especially when you are no longer around to watch over them. A will that is carefully drafted can make sure your property is divided after you die the way you want it, and that your loved ones are taken care of.

Living Trusts may be put into place instead of wills and they have many advantages that you should discuss with one of our qualified wills & trusts lawyers. If providing for a dependent with special needs is a priority for you, our trusts lawyer can help you draft the documentation to help you provide for them during your lifetime and beyond.


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