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Social Security Disability Lawyers New York

Need help getting your Social Security benefits? Social Security Disability Lawyers in NY

The Social Security system is a federally funded program in the United States that provides benefits to many citizens under its various programs. While it should be easy to obtain these benefits, in reality the bureaucracy and paperwork involved with the system often causes individuals to give up trying to obtain the benefits they are legitimately entitled to. At the Law Office of McAdam & Fallon, PC we represent clients who need assistance in fighting claim denials or who simply do not know their rights.

Why hire a social security disability lawyer in NY?

There are federally funded programs that you may have the right to receive compensation from.

  • Social Security Disability (SSD) is for those injured and unable to work.
  • Supplement Security Income (SSI) is for those that have not worked long enough to qualify under SSD.

Sadly, a large percentage, up to 75% of applications for these programs are denied.  In order to properly qualify, a meticulous application must be presented which will prove your disability is acceptable in order for you to obtain SSD or SSI benefits.

By retaining our services, we can assist you in providing the proper documentation in order to increase your chances of receiving social security benefits. This is a complex process and deserves high quality meticulous care. If you choose our legal representation, you can be confident knowing we will go the distance in our efforts to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Get the knowledgeable help you need by contacting us today.  We are your local Social Security Disability Lawyers in NY great post to read.