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real estate lawyers in walden new yorkReal Estate Lawyer NY

At McAdam and Fallon Law we handle the legal aspects of real estate transactions or act as litigators.  What this means is we can handle anything from real estate fraud to your new homes closing.

Real estate matters often end up in litigation such as Foreclosures, Landlord/ Tenant issues, and contract breachment issues. If such matters land you in court McAdam and Fallon Law may represent you.

Buying or selling real estate in New York without the right real estate lawyer can be quite overwhelming or mind-boggling. Our job at McAdam and Fallon Law is to help.

When representing a Seller we must draft the Contract of Sale which details all of the agreed terms and conditions between Buyer and Seller, in most cases acts as the Escrow Agent, responsible for any issues with title that may affect the property, real estate transfer taxes applied by the state, town or city are paid, draft all required transfer documents such as the Transfer Tax Returns and Deed, and disburses all of the funds collected to the proper payees in order to transfer a “clean title” to the Buyer.

When representing a Buyer we review the Contract of Sale, negotiate terms and conditions of the contract if needed, as directed from buyer/ client, review and address all issues resulting from a house inspection, and include these issues in Contract of Sale, once "in contract" there are commitments and deadlines the buyer must meet in contract such as trying to secure a mortgage and verifying wether the buyer will qualify for financing, order title search and ensuring clean tite free from judgements and liens, the closing of loan and title transfer, make sure the buyer understands terms of mortgage, notes, any other documents.

The McAdam and Fallon Law Firm Represents both Buyers and Sellers.  Contact us today!